Dentist Miami

Dentist Miami

Welcome! People turn to a cosmetic dentist for a variety of reasons: to repair crooked teeth or an overbite, treat an injury with dental implants, or simply to improve someone’s overall appearance.

Whatever the reason, the ultimate goal is to have a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. For these and many other reasons, cosmetic dentistry is an important part of dental health.

Why choose me as your Dentist?

We recognize that the goal of every cosmetic dentist working with products such as dental implants is to make your smile look fantastic. This is also the case with my dental practice, but our goal is to not just clean and take an X-ray of your teeth – I want to get to know all of your dental needs.  What makes your smile a happy smile? Good teeth will help maintain your overall dental health and the products and services I provide are designed to do just that.

Whether you are simply unhappy with your current dentist, are looking to further your dental care, or are researching the services offered by a cosmetic dentist, take a look at the services we offer and please do not hesitate to contact my office.

While visiting my dental office, my staff and I will make every effort to provide extraordinary patient care. We will calm any fears you may have and make sure you are comfortable before every dental procedure. By providing you with excellent dental care and services, we want you to take comfort in knowing that you are receiving quality cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Services Offered

If you are looking specifically for a cosmetic dentist and dental implants, please take a look at the comprehensive range of dental treatments offered.

We offer modern techniques that are designed to:
•    Restore or replace damaged or lost teeth
•    Preserve teeth for a youthful appearance
•     Prevent diseases of the teeth or gums by restoring function to teeth and surrounding structures

My broad range of experience, knowledge and skills, combined with state-of-the-art equipment including digital imaging, radiography technology and lasers enable us to provide our patients with a high level of care and overall pleasant dental experience.

Other services offered by a cosmetic dentist, such as myself, include:

•    Professional teeth whitening,
•    Bonding
•    Contouring and reshaping
•    Dental bridges
•    Veneers
•    Gum lifts
•    Bite reclamation.

If you are unsure of what cosmetic dentistry you may require, please do not hesitate to ask. Contact us now with any questions you may have and to book your smile analysis – let us help make your smile extraordinary! Whatever your dental implant needs, as a cosmetic dentist I guarantee I can help.


Dentist Miami


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