Best Mini Dental Implants in Miami- Find Low cost Mini Dental Implants with in 2013

When a patient has lost a tooth or a few teeth, he can make a decision to have them replaced with dental implants. An implant is made of a biocompatible metal, and it is inserted into the bone to replace the roots of the teeth and support the crown. Compared to traditional prosthesis, dental implants are embedded in the bone and support itself, as long as it has properly stabilized with the bone.

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Traditional dental implants rely on “time” for it to achieve success. Osseointegration is when the metal has achieved complete fusion with the bone, and for this to happen the implant has to remain untouched and unhampered within the bone for at least two months up to six months, or even longer. This becomes an issue for patients who require immediate teeth replacement. The long waiting period can be a little inconvenient, especially when the teeth to be replaced are in the anterior, and if the overall function of the teeth is going to be affected.


To resolve this issue, mini dental implants are introduced. They are smaller than traditional root form dental implants and they permit immediate loading. In other words, patients do not have to wait so long to receive their prosthesis, because the implants can be loaded with a crown or can support a removable denture, as soon as they are embedded in the bone.

For your better understanding, here is a detailed discussion of the benefits you can enjoy with mini dental implants in 2013:

  1. Mini implants are about half the size of traditional implants, so they require very little bone support.
  2. Mini implants are less invasive compared to traditional implants, and can often be performed without incision tissue and reflecting the bone.
  3. Mini implants can be inserted directly, without flap reflection, so the procedure is simpler so there is less bleeding and healing is faster.
  4. Mini implants are also cheaper than traditional implants, so patients are able to afford it more. offers low cost best dental implants 2013. Call us on (305) 851-5540.

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