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Smile Makeover

The Smile Makeover: An Option For You?

Dental health is an important yet overlooked facet of overall physical health. Broken or even missing teeth are not only unsightly, but may negatively affect your oral health, as well. Smile Makeover – Miami and Coral Gables will work with you to recreate your smile, giving you a beautiful as well as healthy grin with cutting-edge technology and the most sophisticated techniques. What is more, this state-of-the-art dental technology can be available to you at an affordable price, which is the primarily inhibiting factor when it comes to dental care, and health care in general.

Smile Makeover‘s dentists and technicians also have the expertise to use this cutting-edge equipment, and no obstacle, including broken, discolored, or otherwise damaged teeth, will stop them from giving you the smile you have always wanted. A Smile Makeover seems like such a small thing, but the results can be truly amazing, even life-altering. If you visit the Smile Makeover before and after gallery, you can see examples of the drastic difference between untreated teeth and teeth that have been dramatically transformed by Smile Makeover.

If you live in the Miami area in Florida, you are in a unique position to access this dental care. Contact our dental office for an advisory appointment, and you have made your first step toward having the smile you have always wanted.

Smile Makeover The Process

It is our belief that dental care and treatment should be as easy and relaxed as possible. Having a stress-free environment for our customers is a top priority, knowing as we do how nervous many people are made by dental offices and dentists. process strives to differentiate itself from your typical dental experience. At our Florida offices, we offer a variety of treatment options, all at reasonable prices, to help you make the best choice for yourself, your bank account, and your future smile.

To begin with, the Smile Makeover starts with a complimentary consultation by one of our highly trained and very friendly dentists. The purpose of this consultation is to discuss your treatment goals, price range, and develop a treatment plan with these in mind. A custom treatment plan like this will best meet your individual health and financial needs, and is one of the reasons why our program is so successful: by carefully planning in advance your treatment options, we take much of the uncertainty of what can sometimes be a complicated process. This not only gives our dentists better tools to address your needs, but allows you to make your choices with the confidence that you will be taken care of.

On this consultation, we will also discuss with you the details of your financial plan, to be sure you fully understand your financial responsibility, as well as how your Smile Makeover is going to affect your budget overall. Following this organization your Smile Makeover appointments will then be scheduled.

Smile Makeover Options

For individuals in the Miami and Coral Gables areas of Floida, a Smile Makeover is your best bet for dental treatment that uses advanced technology and provides multiple treatment options for those searching for restorative and cosmetic dental care. Our dentists can give you the kind of smile you are proud to flash, and almost any dental problem can be corrected with our treatments.

For missing or damaged teeth, single-visit restorations are a quick and convenient way to have a tooth repaired. Even for such a minor procedure, it has never been so easy to get a problem like this taken care of. Our cutting-edge technology allow Smile Makeover dentists to tailor-make inlays, onlays, and dental crowns in one convenient visit, saving the patient the time and need to schedule several inconvenient appointments over a long period of time. A complete tooth restoration in a single visit is only the beginning of what Smile Makeover has to offer.

Dental implants are another service Smile Makeover has to offer. These implants are a revolutionary treatment for individuals missing at least one tooth, and often more. These implants, which are anchored securely into the jawbone, provide a stable base for further dental work: crowns, dentures, and even bridges. Restorations that have the solid foundation of implants put directly into the jawbone feel like natural teeth, do not move around like dentures, and have the potential to last for the rest of your life.

For teeth that are discolored or otherwise damaged, porcelain crowns are another option for those looking to restore beauty to their smile. Beautiful porcelain that has been fashioned into custom-made crowns simultaneously blend into the landscape of your smile and restore it to the kind of attractiveness that will get you the right kind of attention at work and in your personal life.

Smile Makeover

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