Teeth Whitening

Explore The Teeth Whitening Options In Coral Gables And Miami

It is possible to change an individual’s appearance dramatically with the effective and affordable teeth whitening treatments available these days. Most patients have no idea what a difference it can make until they undergo the procedure and see the results for themselves. We like to throw in whitening as a bonus treatment for our Invsalign and smile makeover clients. We offer new patients a complimentary teeth whitening treatment with their first check up and cleaning appointment. Our dental professionals in Coral Gables and Miami, Florida can transform anyone’s smile with this simple procedure.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

Our dental experts provide professional whitening treatments that are superior to products available at the local pharmacy for a variety of reasons.

The Procedure is Safer

Only a qualified dentist uses professional whitening techniques making the procedure safer than using a bleaching solution at home. Our whitening gels contain quality ingredients that reduce tooth sensitivity and deliver consistent results when administered by an experienced dental professional. Our dentists do a full oral examination to identify problems, including receding gums and tooth decay that may become aggravated by whitening gel.

The Procedure is More Efficient

The whitening procedure in the dentist’s office takes less time than a home treatment and the patient can see results as much as seven times lighter. We have home kits that allow patients to get the same great results as one visit to the office.

The Procedure is Convenient

Many commercial teeth whitening kits require the user to reapply the whitening substance daily to get noticeable results and the discoloration often returns when applications are discontinued. A professional treatment takes a single office visit and takes approximately thirty minutes to achieve results.

Options for Teeth Whitening

Residents in the Coral Gables and Miami areas can visit our office and choose from the Den-Mat take-home whitening kit or the Sapphire procedure done in the office depending on their individual needs.

The Sapphire in-office procedure utilizes a gel with ingredients that greatly reduce tooth sensitivity to the whitening while lightening the teeth several shades. After applying the gel, the dental professional exposes the gel to the special Sapphire Supreme Light for approximately thirty minutes to lighten the teeth by as much as seven shades in just one visit.

Call Our Office to Schedule a Consultation Today

The dental professionals working in our Coral Gable and Miami Florida locations can provide more information about the teeth whitening procedure options we have available. Our friendly representatives will answer all your questions about the steps involved and review all the options to guide you through your decision making process. Ask our representatives about exclusive programs available for patients visiting our office for the first time.

Teeth Whitening

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