Who is a Dental Hygienist? What is importance of Dental hygiene in 2013? How to find Best Dentist 2013 in Miami

There are different people in the dental office and these people all play different roles. The dentist is the main caregiver and he is tasked to address all the dental problems that patient present when he comes into the clinic. During his duties he is assisted by the dental secretary who administers most office functions, the dental assistant that offers an extra set of hands during the procedure and prepares the treatment room, the dental technician who works on dental prosthesis, mouthpieces and appliances, and the dental hygienist, who is tasked to perform various hygiene preventive procedures.

Dental Hygienist, Dental hygiene 2013, Best Dentist 2013

Dental hygienists are licensed dental health professionals and they perform a very specific and limited role in the clinic. Some clinics may or may not have a dental hygienist. If your dental office functions with a dental hygienist, you may want to know more about their function in the dental office:

  1. They can give a complete and thorough hygiene assessment on a patient. This will involve taking a complete medical and dental history, charting and diagnostic examinations and procedures that will help identify any problem.
  2. They are licensed and skilled to remove plaque and tartar through dental scaling and planning.
  3. They are also equipped to perform other preventive dental procedures such as fluoride and sealant application.
  4. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable enough to educate patients about the right way to take care of their oral health. This includes proper hygiene instructions: the proper way to brush, the right technique with flossing, which mouthwash is best to use and what other dental tools and equipments can help.
  5. They are also equipped to take and expose dental radiographs.
  6. They may be tasked to administer local anesthesia, as well as nitrous oxide, to make the procedure so much more comfortable for the patient.

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